Sightseeing Air Tours

Our best sightseeing air tours

over Miami shoreline & Fort Lauderdale

We  offer sightseeing air tours with different duration – from 30 min to 90 min. Our airplanes can take on board up to 3 passengers. The maximum combined weights for passengers is 360 lbs. All our flights start at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport. You can book your tour and pay for it online just now on our website or you can call the office and schedule it by phone. We work everyday without holidays and weekends. Usually the weather is fine but there is always a possibility to reschedule your air tour due to weather conditions or aircraft availability. Anyway our manager will contact you the day before your flight and check all the details.

You have also a unique opportunity to choose your own route and discuss it with our manager. If you want to fly to see any specific objects (real estate, land plots, residential complexes, islands, etc.), we can make a route special for you and offer the best solution.